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Microphone Technique

- In order for your singing to be heard, you'll need to use the mic properly. It is a common mistake to hold the mic too far away from your mouth. Try to keep it no more than a couple inches away.

- Cupping the tip of the mic is a no no. This creates feedback (a very unpleasant sound!).

- During a part in a song where you don't need to sing, resist the urge to hold the mic down at your side and/or facing directly into the loudspeaker in front of you. This also creates feedback.

Do the lyrics "scroll'? Is there a "bouncing ball"?

- No, the lyrics are displayed in a stationary fashion, just as if you were reading from a lyric book.

How do i know when to start singing?

- If you are unsure, then one of the musicians in Nasty Alex will indicate when to sing by simply yelling out "1-2-3-4"

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